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The pain has to come to an end. So here I am about to end this miserable life of mines. My problem I cared too much. I loved too easy. So it ends here. In pain. Slowly fading away. That’s all.

The Sound

The sound of my broken heart gets louder as the days go on. The sobs and tears from this broken heart has yet yo disappear. You do your best to try and forget. But it seems that the voice inside reminds you even more. You smile when other are around. They never look deep enough into your eyes to see all of the hidden pain. You wait for the time to pass to finally heal. Thinking better days have to come. The sound of your broken heart engulfs you until the end.

Learning As I Go

Ever since I learned about my child having autism it has changed my view on the world somewhat. I always just thought that my son was some normal kid who was sometimes hard to control. Now that I have learned of his “disability” I now know why he is the way he is. I knew from the moment he was place into my arms that he was going to be something special! That he is. I don’t look at him as having this disability that will keep him from making something of himself. I just look at him as this brilliant individual, who sees this world in a different light. I hate that some look at him or if they know of him being a child with autism, thinking he is only worth getting a government check from each month. No! My child is an individual with feelings. He will be able to grow up and do the things that you and I do. He just has his quirks and ticks about him. Why debilitate a child because of a so-called disability. Yes it does take him a little longer to learn some fine motor skills and to learn how to be sociable. SO WHAT!!! No matter what, he is my son. My blessing. He is the reason that I am still alive. The reason I go through the struggles of life just so I can see his smiling face everyday. He is my rock. I can’t imagine life without this handsome mini man and I wouldn’t want to either. I truly LOVE my son.

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